Thursday, October 10, 2013

500 Posts. Good Gosh.

First, exciting news!

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And now, more exciting news...

This is my 500th post!

My fifth blogiversary was last month, and I totally neglected it. I didn't even buy the Frump flowers or tell it that I still love it. Moral of the story: Never date me.

Instead of squishing in a half-assed anniversary celebration, I will use my posting quincentenary as an excuse to look back upon lo these many hundreds of posts.

Lemme take a minute to sift through the archives...

sifting though the backlog, 2009

If you've never perused my extensive backlog (incidentally, the phrase I use as a pick-up line), then you're in for an awkward treat (also something I might say during a romantic encounter).

Five years is a long effing time. While my style has evolved, I seem to have kept true to my foundation of the ridiculous, costume-y and bizarre.

You can get older without growing up, y'all.

But there are some items that I once wore that are just... Ugh. Yuck. Here's the highlights of heinousness from my first year:

Bad Blogging Ideas
The ugly

1. That cropped vest. I can't even.
Originally blogged here

2. Okay, this getup is not bad for showing off gams but it is pretty revealing and/or blue to wear for a day at your desk.
Originally blogged here

3.  I think someone gave the crocheted tunic and I was trying to figure out an innovative way to wear it. Innovative does not equal hideous, Haltermon. Also, why did I ever even have shorts of that length? They have to be the least flattering article of clothing in history.
Originally blogged here

4. I actually still have all of these pieces, except for the sweater, and they are each okay on their own. But with their powers combined, it's just a flouncy travesty.
Originally blogged here

5. I wore the crap out of this black mini dress. Looking back, I'm not sure why I loved it so much. It fit well, sure, but was made of terrible fabric in a not-very-flattering cut.
Originally blogged here

6. Those shoes! They're terrible! Someone go back in time and stop me!
Originally blogged here

As you can see, I was still playing with layers and trying to figure out what pieces could be made appropriate with the right styling. Epic fail, but A+ for effort.

Despite the too many layers train wreck, I actually wore some pretty decent duds my inaugural blog year. While I might not wear them now, I am not disturbed by the fact that I was at one time seen in public rocking these ensembles.

Good Blogging Ideas
The good

1. I still have this jumper-thing! I still love it though, as a trigenarian, I am less apt to wear without something underneath for fear of uncovering my undercarriage with its scandalous length.
Originally blogged here

2.  Chokers! Seriously, why don't I wear more chokers?! I have a black leather number that I haven't even worn yet, just languishing in my jewelry box. I need to get on that.
Originally blogged here

3. I love this dress. So wearable and '90s. Look, I wore it just a few months ago.
Originally blogged here

4.WHERE HAS THIS TOP GONE? Did I get rid of it? 'Cause if I did, I'm an idiot! Damn me!
Originally blogged here

5. I don't think I own any of this anymore, but I adore how sweetly it all came together. Notice the choker? I did, too!
Originally blogged here

6. I actually wore this to a job interview. Maybe I startled them with the extent of my stems, but I didn't get the gig. Oh well. I looked herra pook.
Originally blogged here

What do you think? Are you wearing the same ol' stuff you donned five years ago? Or are you a brand new person?

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