Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How I have missed this egotism.

I helped with a garbage cleanup event all of last week. While I happily hike in finery, I just can't get gussied up for garbage. I took a week-long vacation from day time fashion and frankly, I don't recommend it.

I love this dress. It's vintage from Avant Garage/Ali's Boutique and fits pretty much perfectly. The skirt, belt, and shoes are all thrift. In fact, I think the only brand-new garments I've got on are underthings. This is my favorite kind of environmentalism.

Don't tell anyone but I had a job interview this day. Not to fear, it's still of an ecological bent but it would be a bit closer to home. That's the major draw for me, considering our carbon-laden commutes. Ironically, everything I have on was bought new except for the vest. The vest was thrift, the dress and shoes are from the Gap Outlet and the tights and button-up are extremely old. I can't remember their origins.

10-28 10-28 detail
I really want to talk about these jeans but it seems that no one I know cares that I got brand-new 7 for All Mankind jeans at TJ Maxx. They're $189 jeans! I paid exactly 29.1% of that price. I've been looking for bell bottoms (not to ever be confused with flares ... bleh) and though they were still a little costly, they make me happy. The gray tank top is by Hanes, the white one is from Free People and the sweater is actually from Weathervane, if you believe that. I bought it back when I was a teenybopper. Hah.

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