Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour du Jour

I rediscovered this dress while packing up my closet for the move. Hurray, dress!

07-01 detail
It's really two dresses in one, as you can see.

earrings - I couldn't say.
dress - Buffalo Exchange in New Orleans
shoes - Old Navy

07-01 packing
After work, I slipped into this little number to expedite the house packing process.

top - Hm. TJ Maxx?
green polka dot crop top - thrift
shorts - thrift
shoes - Simple

I wore my favorite skirt because it makes me feel comfortable even when everything I own is in boxes.

top - Forever 21
skirt - flea market!
shoes - Old Navy ... I think.

This is taken after I was officially installed in Columbus! As you can see, I'm wearing my favorite utilitarian clothing item: My destroyed thrift store shorts.

07-07 sit

peach top - I don't know. It's old...
crop top - thrift
shorts - thrift
shoes - Simple

Someone bought a new dress at Target instead of investing in much-needed furniture...

07-08 sit

dress - Target
button-up - thrift
shoes - Old Navy


Isn't annoying how subtly judgemental your cats can be?

dress - Free People
halter underneath - yard sale
shoes - Old Navy

I was gearing up to go to my parents' place. It'll be tough living with them during the week and missing my lovely new place ...

07-12 sassy

top - vintage
dress - Derek Heart?
shoes - Simple

Day 1 at Mom and Dad's ... They fed me Chinese food. It ruled.

07-13 shoes

07-13 shadow
My sister had to get in on the action.

white top - vintage
dress - thrift
tights - Who knows?
shoes - I think I got them at JC Penney's...


Clare said...

Love em all. Seriously. Your favorite skirt=my wishlist skirt. I love the artsy-fartsy shots once you are in Columbus. Gorgeous all.


Candycane said...

Great outfits - I adore that patchwork skirt!!!

Renee[Q][C] said...

Great outfit. I <3 the new target dress. I gotta get over there and check things out lol

Bug said...

All of them are very cute - looks like fun!

Jess said...

Hooray for the new place! All good packing and moving looks- it's tough to be decently clad whilst dealing with all of that.

My dog is not even remotely subtle about sharing her feelings. Granted her feelings generally are either 'OMGIMSOHAPPY' or what we refer to as the power pout when she is not receiving the appropriate amount of attention.

Becky said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts!

Clare - The skirt wouldn't be too hard to make, I don't think ... If you lay it flat on the floor, it's a giant "o" ... A circle cut into a circle of fabric. I experimented making circle skirts for a while and I still have one I made somewhere. Anyway, it's a fun project if you've got funky fabric!

Jess - I'm so so glad my cats can't talk.

Mars said...

these outfits are seriously wonderful :D i especially love your favorite skirt, gosh i love patchwork!