Monday, February 18, 2013

State of the Art

Well, you can tell I started my new job last week... I was a totally truant blogger. I promise to inundate you with outfits soon 'cause what I'm wearing to work this week totally rules!


Here are some pictures that my handsome companion Quincy and I took of each other at the Cincinnati Art Museum Feb. 9. Yay!


Jeez. Check out that goofball cheesy happy face... I blame Quincy.


I usually experiment with self-portraits to get shots like the one above but Quincy gave me a little direction and this was the result. Much quicker!


I snapped this one, above, using my super savvy schmoop spotting skills.


The Cincinnati Art Museum has lovely exhibits separated by black string curtains. We cozied up to a door surrounded by these curtains and came up with these chiaroscuro shots.

That's right. I threw an art term in there.


Angelic expression fail.


Quincy is quite a talented photographer, no?


...And I think I managed to catch his good side, too.


...Also, I caught the good side of this sculpture. Heehee!

straw boater hat with plaid trim - House of Curious Treasures
'90s floral babydoll dress - thrift
brown worn cowboy boots - thrift
teal and brown boot scarf - vintage, thrift

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