Sunday, October 28, 2012

I am not trying to seduce you.

Ermahgerd, you guys, it's Halloween!

I love love this danged holiday, as evinced by my three costumes last year. Ahem.

This year, my handsome escort Quincy was Benjamin to my Mrs. Robinson.

the-graduate-movie-poster-1020428277The Greduate Reenactment

You've seen The Graduate, right?

I've wanted to dress as the ultimate cougar for years and, due to a lack of planning and an extremely limited budget, this turned out to the perfect time! I donned a vintage dress, sheer pantyhose, and a leopard-print coat.

Not that I have pictures of any of this.


I had actually planned to take several photos and to reenact some of the movie's promo photos (like the one on my phone). Instead, we ended up just taking pictures like this:

Mrs. Robinson and Benjamin from The Graduate

Sometimes, you just have to forget about blogging your life and just live it.

Happy Halloween! I think I'm going to don a low-key costume on Wednesday. How about you?

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