Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Times Three

Man, listen to me. One Halloween costume ain't enough, Jack. You better make it three.

Civil War Era Dress 2
I've always relied on the kindness of strangers to take pictures of me...

Saturday afternoon, I headed to the Rabbit Hash Steamboat Bicentennial Celebration in my awesome new Civil War-era dress! I freaking love this thing. No, it's not comfortable. No, it's not practical. But for the raging adoration slut (me) this is the perfect ensemble to garner interested comments. Well worth it.

I never thought much about being a reenactor because I'm too cool for school and blah blah blah but this was really freaking fun. Any excuse to play dress-up!

Many thanks to Bobbi Layne Kayser for this picture. I'm looking forward to posting (read: stealing) some other pictures of this day so be prepared to be inundated. When I buy an absurd dress, I like to smother the internets with it.

dress (jacket and skirt) - VictorianChoice2009 on eBay
scarf - 'Twas a gift
hoop skirt - angeldress5966 on eBay

Daria and Jane 1
High school is so lame.

Saturday night was a bonfire party. I imaged that potable beverages, hoop skirts, and fire could be a catastrophic combination so I changed costumes before heading out. This is my awesome best friend Callie. We are Daria and Jane.

Please tell me you know who Daria and Jane are.

Daria and Jane 2
Sick, sad world

wig - Awful, isn't it? I cut it myself.
red jacket and black top - thrift
shorts - Atomic Number 10
boots - Doc Martens, left over from my misspent youth as a quasi-punk

We Can Do It!
Office appropriate costume on the cheap? Done and done!

Happy Halloween!


Laurie H said...

that rosie the riveter is frighteningly good. i enjoy the background immensely! also, you are kinda an adoration whore, but that's why we adore you!

Anne said...

Who is Rosie the Riveter? ;)

Becky Haltermon said...

Thanks, Lou! And Anne... Not funny! heheh...