Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 in 30 by 30: Psychic Consultation

This is the fifteenth in my 30 in 30 by 30 series, wherein I undertake 30 adventures in 30 days before I turn 30 years old on Aug. 6.

Monday, I consulted a clairvoyant psychic medium!


This is Amber Ralynn and she is a fourth generation clairvoyant empath.


Four about 45 minutes, she pulled cards from various decks and spoke to the spirit of my deceased grandmother.

I kind of adored her and her attitude. She was funny and positive and really wanted to help me out with whatever spiritual questions I conjured.


I told her that I was turning 30 in a couple weeks and looking for whatever guidance she could give to make my next 30 years marvelous.

This was her cheat sheet for me after our encounter:


I will now lay my (non-Tarot) cards on the table: I'm not sure what I expected but I never got the feeling that Amber told me anything earth-shattering.

She said I needn't feel guilty saying no when others put their burdens on me. Not to be a douche, but I seldom feel guilty. When I rue a random act, I confront it head-on and try to make amends. I always forgive myself. I am myself's number one fan!

And between you and me, I imagine you could tell any woman between the ages of 25 and 65 to learn to say "no" more often, and they would be grateful for the advice.

She went on to explain that others have big plans for me and I should trust my instincts as far as creating my own path. I suppose a part of me needed to hear that because I've rather been wrestling with whether to trust my gut of late. I keep thinking of the line from High Fidelity:
Well, I've been listening to my gut since I was 14 years old, and frankly speaking, I've come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains.
Sure, we should all trust our instincts. But I've gotten my little feelings fried a number of times so it's hard to know when the nagging voices are my fears tugging at me or the reliable voice of intuition.

My favorite part of the evening was when she said that I needed to spend time alone near and/or in water. I think this means my psychic has officially endorsed the houseboat trip I have planned in the next few weeks!

This was an expensive experiment ($90 for 45 minutes, though she did knock $10 off because of my birthday) and one that I probably won't be too eager to repeat anytime soon. I'm incredibly glad I tried it but I didn't feel any more enlightened than if I'd spent some time with my momma.

And my mom feeds me... For free!


Frederik Sisa said...

At least you didn't come out with a "psychic me" sign on your back. :)

Becky Haltermon Robinson said...

Heehee! I just wandered down the wrong empath!

Londyn said...

I was thinking about doing this too so good to hear your thoughts on whether it was worth it or not.

FYI - Yep, my guts have shit for brains too!

Becky Haltermon Robinson said...

Hahah! I hope this post helps!

CNG said...
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