Wednesday, July 24, 2013

30 in 30 by 30: Fox Sports Ohio Girl

This is the sixteenth in my 30 in 30 by 30 series, wherein I undertake 30 adventures in 30 days before I turn 30 years old on Aug. 6.

Today, I completed an application to be a Fox Sports Ohio Girl.


You may be asking, Since when do you care about Fox, sports or Ohio?

Fair question.

Alright,  so I didn't even know that there were Fox Sports Ohio Girls until a week ago, when my MVP of a BIL sent me the link to apply to be one.

From what my dad told me, you don't even need to know about sports to be a Fox Sports Ohio Girl. Apparently, he ran into these ladies on Fountain Square a while back.

"Becky," he said, disappointment wracking his face, "They didn't even know about the infield fly rule."

So, I went to make a little profile. They need two photos and a one-minute video to assess your worthiness. I thought it was weird that they stipulated that no bathing suits, lingerie or nudity was allowed.

It's a beauty pageant without a swimsuit competition or a talent contest?

Fox Sports Ohio_6

So, I decided to make a funny video around the theme of being "almost sexy."

I went to the thrift store (fortuitously on Dollar T-shirt Day!) and stocked up on Ohio sports shirts. Then, shed each one throughout my audition:

I was greatly heartened when it totally cracked my mom up.

I submitted my application about an hour ago and was totally disappointed to learn that it must be approved before it's visible. Sigh.

I'll let you know if/when it goes live... I'm kind of nervous that the arbiters of taste at Fox won't find my submission worthy.


Frederik Sisa said...

Hilarious video. The "onion" striptease is a new classic.

Becky Haltermon Robinson said...

Hahahah! Hurray!