Saturday, November 1, 2014

From Taft to Tulle

How was your Halloween, party poodles?

Mine was pretty great. I work at the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area, so for my office costume, I dressed as Martha B. Taft. She was the first president of the League, and all-around total badass.

Happy #Halloween! Today, I am Martha B. #Taft, wife of Robert and first president of the #Cincinnati League of Women Voters. #ootd #1940s #vintageclothing #hats #Republicanpinup
Taft-ing at my chamber door

This is a pretty obscure one. Martha Bowers Taft was the wife of Robert Taft, who served in the US Senate in the 1940s. She was a feminist pioneer in Cincinnati, and helped found the League immediately after women's suffrage was ratified in 1920.

On the street, no one thought twice about my getup but in the League office, it was quite a hit.

As usual, I had to create an office-appropriate Halloween costume because my actual holiday disguise was in no way acceptable for a professional environ...

Labyrinth Halloween Costume 10
I just don't have her bosom... It's not fair!

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I scoured area thrift shops for an affordable '80s wedding dress to butcher into this, the ballroom dress that Sarah wears in David Bowie's Labyrinth.

On the plus side, I got to break out my oft-neglected hoop skirt.

Labyrinth Halloween Costume 02
Our dumb cat Only is playing the part of Toby's teddy bear.

Quincy was baby Toby. We went to the Famous Neon's Unplugged in the Over-the Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, because their Halloween party was delightfully Labyrinth-themed. There were two (two!) Bowies, and I kept expecting one of them to try to toss Quincy into the air.

Thankfully, they were just super-friendly and fun and really into my ensemble.

We're ready to go forth and both trick and treat! #HappyHalloween! #Labyrinth #Taboo
I have to save Toby!

As you may know, I'm a big, giant ham who loves to be lavished with attention and compliments from tipsy strangers. Because of that, this costume was a great success.

I hope your hauntings were similarly awesome!

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