Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm an Instagrammarian.

Do you remember when I posted outfit photos every day? What was I doing? How did I manage to achieve all that? It seems totally crazy to me now that I would snap a photo or five, download 'em, edit them and then craft a blog post damn near every day.

Perhaps it's because my life is so much more interesting and full now... Har har!

Anyway, this is all to say that I kind of miss the daily outfit posts, so I'll be using my Instragram to post my dorky outfits o' the day.

Look, this is what I wore yesterday:

Happy All Saints Day! #ootd #goth #paintitblack #fringe #velvet dress, #cowboy #boots and #leather coat - all #vintage, #thrift
I went to a pumpkin shootout, possibly the most appropriate place to wear fringe ever.

What will I wear tomorrow? What, if anything, am I wearing now?? The answer can only be found by following me on Instagram at @BeckyHaltermon.

I'll see you in the ether!

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