Sunday, March 16, 2014

Frump Favorites: Snow Peach

I am a total makeup fuck-up.

But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good makeup pick-me-up.

This is me, in said lipstick. I didn't really mean to be artsy, it just ended up that way.

A few days ago, I blundered into a Northern Kentucky Walgreens in search of something to stop the cramps that had plagued me while I tried to dine on a tuna sammie next door. In addition to Advil, I found a display of Revlon's Limited Edition Vintage Super Lustrous Lipsticks. Heck yes.

While ibuprofen will dull lady pains, only a brand-new tube of lipstick can make you excited to face the world despite said lady pains.

I picked Snow Peach. Because, come on, it's called Snow Peach.

This is what it looks like inside, when I'm waiting for Quincy to put his boots on before we go out.

While it doesn't have the thick, bright coverage of the old matte Revlon lipsticks (le sigh), I love the strangely cool coral color and subtle sheen. It works with my ghostly coloring well, despite the fact that it doesn't totally love my red hair.

lipstick and eye shadow

Expect a Snow Peach spring because I'm going to wear this baby for the foreseeable future. The retro hue seems perfect for this time of year and just strange enough to be fun. I recommend it even if you're not in need of a superficial distraction from menstrual maladies.

Disclaimer: No one gave me any money for this. I just really like this silly lipstick. But you do want to give me money and/or makeup, sing out!

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