Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jerry Schlagheck and Kim Kalo: Awesome Photogs

A while back (a haircut and dye job ago, if you'll notice), I hung out with some exceptionally talented photographers.

Photo by Jerry Schlagheck of Vault 51 Productions

Jerry Schlagheck, the brilliant fellow behind my be-sequined icon photo, welcomed me into his totally decked-out home studio for an afternoon of photo fun.

Photo by Jerry Schlagheck of Vault 51 Productions

And, even though I'm a total photo noob, Jerry patiently coached me through the process of having serious headshots taken.

I mean, as serious as possible, when I'm the subject...

Photo by Jerry Schlagheck of Vault 51 Productions

Jerry's lovely friend Kim Kalo played with us that day, too, and she got some awesome shots.

I mean, as awesome as possible when I'm the... alright, I'll shut up.

Portrait by Kim Kalo
Photo by Kim Kalo

Portrait by Kim Kalo
Photo by Kim Kalo

A million zillion thanks to Jerry and Kim! I highly recommend you scope out their other work!

Jerry Schlagheck on Facebook
Kim Kalo on Facebook

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