Thursday, January 2, 2014

Travels with Quincy: NYE and Florida

How was your New Years?

Gary Kramer took this picture. Hats off to him!

I spent the dawn of 2014 in one of my favorite places: the Rabbit Hash General Store. And I welcomed a new year with some pretty great people...

My awesome buddy Natalie. Party hats forever!

...And some kind of terrible ones...

NYE BFFs. Also, ferreal Callie Clare and I are best friends forever. Also, worst friends forever.

Just kidding. I adore that jerk.

Quincy and I started off the year appropriately in the first few minutes...

Schmoop years day

...And then, when we finally recovered and rolled out of bed on Jan. 1, we started our awesome month-long road trip.

Road trips: Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine holiday fun.

We drove through the evening and night, catching a couple hours of sleep in a rest stop at the Florida state line. Because we are badass.

As I type, Quincy is arguing with his dad about Kanye West in his parents home near Orlando, and I am slowly digesting a bucketful of terrible fast food.

Epic road trip: Begun.


Teri said...

Please, I brief two, three at most, summary of the Kanye West argument. Please!

Becky Haltermon said...

Hahah! I only tuned in for a word or two, so unfortunately, I can't recreate the debate.