Saturday, January 4, 2014

Travels with Quincy: Central Florida Sloth

I've said before that Haltermons are notoriously lazy vacationers. I really feel that I've done my family proud on this sojourn.

Naps, snacks and secondhand shops: My kind of trip.

I did not buy these snacks but was pretty tempted when I saw them at a local dollar store.

I realize that I kept referring to this road trip as "epic." I'm sorry, Abby Lay. So far, the most epic moment involved me stuffing a surprising amount of strawberry shortcake into my face.

We did venture out yesterday to do a little exploring in Lakeland yesterday. Rather brave of us, I felt.

vintage Valhalla

Quincy discovered 360 Unlimited, a vintage shop chock full of western wear, '80s prom dresses and so many amazing relics that I was rather taken aback.


It was here, mashed on a crowded rack, that I found THE WORLD'S GREATEST SHORTS.


How can you deny the bizarre combo of short-short length and granny ruffle? They're so delightfully weird, I'm hoping for a heat wave so that I can don them every day.

Between naps, of course.

Geeky greetings from Lake Lowery

While a couple of days of hedonism is always welcome, I'm starting to get the itch to continue our travels. We will probably continue to enjoy the gracious hospitality of Quincy's parents a couple days longer and then start heading west Monday-ish.

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