Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sound Puppies*

Do you ever read this blog and wonder what kind of cackle I might have? Or ponder how squeaky I might sound?

If so, you're fantastically weird and that makes me like you.

Also if so, you can totally listen to this podcast I recorded last week with some awesome people!

As Usual,Thanks for Nothing

Josh on the left was out of town so Josh in the middle asked me to be a guest on their fine podcast, As Usual, Thanks for Nothing. Solomon on the right asked me a fashion question and I answered correctly! Hurray!

Fun fact: My family helped Josh in the middle (Josh Flowers) name this podcast. Yay, family!

If you do end up listening to the podcast, here is the pillowcase skirt we discuss:


We also talked about vegans, old time radio shows, and how to improve this here blog.

Does my voice match my goofball face? Lemme know!

*I know this is a terrible pun but I didn't want to disappoint people who heard about the blog from the podcast...

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