Thursday, April 11, 2013

One is the Loneliest Catface

I'm a huge sucker for something that is (a.) on sale and (b.) matching whatever I happen to be wearing.


Thus: These shoes.

Oh, Target. I can always count on you to tempt me with $16 wedge sandals that just happen to perfect complement my current ensemble.


Quincy's cat, One, doesn't seem too impressed with them, however.


Wait. Let's look at that miserable cat face one more time...


Heehee. Oh, One.

blue and gray argyle button-up cardigan - My mom got it for me at the Richwood Flea Market. Thanks, Mom!
vintage '90s purple and green flowered babydoll dress - thrift via Village Discount Outlet. (Sadly, not the one in Newport, may it rest in peace.)
blue cork and woven wedge sandals - Target. (You can find them here, but the Target in Newport has 'em for the aforementioned $16.)

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