Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Peachy Keeneland

So many adventures!

Image property of Bailey at High Heels in Horse Country

Saturday, I went to Keeneland for the first time! It was sunny and lovely and fun and I drank tea in a field and heard echoes of a bugler playing "Call to Post." AND. I met the most awesome fashion blogger to come from Kentucky since... Well, me. Hah.

Her name is Bailey and she posts at High Heels in Horse Country and you would be seriously remiss if you didn't check her out and bathe in her stylishness.

She took that picture of me, above. And she likes my parasol even though my sister made fun of it all day. Take that, Laurie.


I spent my day on this blanket. I might have left it once or twice for a fake lunchmeat sandwhich but I was basically in repose for eight hours. Ahhh.


... I may have even taken a nap.

Thanks to Laurie for taking the last two pics, even though she wasn't into my parasol.

Chinese paper parasol - 'Twas a gift.
pink flowered vintage '70s Gunne Sax dress - Casablanca Vintage
woven platform taupe heels - Chinese Laundry via The Rack (You find 'em here.)
vintage '80s straw hat - Julie's Inspiration
black and white owl feather in hat - I found it near an owl nest in Florida.

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