Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reservoir Judicata

Holy moly, y'all. Do you know it's cold?


I know it's cold because I took these photos out-of-doors while wearing nothing more than a summer cotton top. I mean, I wore more than a top. I also wore bottoms. And shoes. Anyway.

The point is that my coat, which is made of luxuriously heavy wool and fur and heat-hoarding innards, was in my car. And I was leaning on a stone wall.


From my superlatively cozy perch now, I can laugh at that sleeveless goofball. Ho ho ho! Your hands are frozen!


Hah! You can see my goosebumps!

By the by, the wall I was loitering around is the remnant of a reservoir in Cincinnati's Eden Park. It's now clamored upon by rock climbers but when it was completed in 1878, it was one of two basins that supplied the Queen City with water.

Look, here it is back in the day:

Thanks to for this postcard! Learn more about the reservoirs here.

End of history lesson. Let's get some hot chocolate!


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black cotton '60s button-up blouse - House of Curious Treasures
turquoise beaded belt - Francesca's Collections
'70s brown velvet maxi skirt - thrift via The Village Discount Outlet (RIP)

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