Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom of Steel


So, you know how I don't start my job for another couple of weeks? This means that some days, I just hang out with my newly-retired mom. It's pretty awesome, especially when she makes faces at me while I'm snapping nerdy blog photos...


But, it's even more awesome when she runs outside and says, "I brought you this prop!"

That's right, you have my momma to thank for the umbrella in these shots. I love her big time. And her umbrella.






I've been thinking that Mom should start her own blog wherein she documents her transition to retirement and a life of leisure. Mom's not yet 60 years old and has about 928 year ahead of her that won't necessarily be filled with deadlines, bosses, and infants. It's a difficult change to make in your life. The possibilities are endless and, while that is exhilarating, it is a little scary, too.

What do you think? Are there other blogs about life after nine-to-five and remaking your empty nest? Though, okay, I'm actually all up in Mom's nest so maybe it's not that empty after all... Heehee.

turquoise earrings - Made by my momma!
vintage '60s green and pink button-up day dress - Street Scene Vintage
'Brothel Inspector' pin - A gift from my buddy Callie
vintage turquoise flowered leather belt - Mustard Seed Boutique
boots - Frye

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