Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Genius of Whimsy

I met my sister for lunch in downtown Cincinnati today.


There were other, slightly more flattering pictures of us, but this one above is my favorite. I broke out my signature cackle because Laurie kept cracking me up. No one makes me laugh like she does.

We were hanging around Fountain Square like two slap-happy pigeons.


Laurie took these pictures. I always badger her for taking crappy photos of me and then wonder why she's so reluctant to do it. I'm sorry, Laurie! These turned out awesome!


Laurie: I couldn't tell if you were trying for a "come hither" look or if you were disgusted by this guy's snake.
Me: I need to work on my "come hither" face...

striped maxi dress - Calvin Klein
striped men's dress shirt - Stolen from Quincy!
coral flats - DV by Dolce Vita
vintage leather and gold earrings - thrift

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