Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inundation Celebration

I'm not the greatest at remembering anniversaries - Sorry, Mom and Dad! - but I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I forgot my own blog birthday. Pump up the Frump turned three on Sept. 2! Holy moly!

To celebrate, here are some of ensembles I've been neglecting to share from the past six months... Prepare for inundation!

I was going through a terrible breakup, starting a new job, and in the process of moving home. What better time to frolic in the springtime air while donning a purple frock?

dress - thrift
belt - Forever 21
shoes - gift from momma!

Finally getting settled in my new place... And getting used to living alone.

sweater - thrift
dress - Anthropologie
shoes - Kohl's

Ahhh yes, a perfect ensemble for hiking and four-wheeling at Lake Cumberland. Just call me Alexandra Supertramp.

dress - thrift
gold flats - The Gap (?)
earrings - The Little Mahatma

I went to an 80's party. I really wanted to look like one of those ladies you see on a vinyl sticker in the front of a nail salon, but instead I just looked like a slutty ZZ Top video extra. C'est la vie.

dress and boots - thrift
tights - CVS
hair - the amazing Abby Lay!

I have a friend with whom I undertake dorky Kentucky history-related adventures. On this day, we were enjoying the Roeblingfest, a celebration of John A. Roebling and his fantastic suspension bridge connecting Cincinnati and northern Kentucky.

hat - thrift
dress - Pangaea
black top - I'm not sure... It's super old.
boots and boot scarf - thrift
bag - Lucky Brand via TJ Maxx
sunglasses - I want to say Target.

This picture is here because this is my new favorite bathing suit. It's comfortable, flattering, and has enough butt ruffle to supply a dozen can-can dancers.

bathing suit - I got it at TJ Maxx. I'm sorry, I can't remember the brand.

In the grand tradition of doing absurd things, I hosted a fake bachelorette party wherein a half dozen of my girlfriends and I donned ridiculous duds, bought glittery cowboy hats, and spent the evening at the local cowboy bar. I got lots of congratulations and I felt like a jerk.

veiled bachelorette cowboy hat - The Party Source
everything else - thrift

Sunday, I once again walked with Caracole in the Cincinnati Gay Pride Parade. I was told to just show up and I'd be given a t-shirt so, not knowing what color shirt I'd be wearing, I tried to plan an outfit that would match anything. Et voilĂ : colorful belt and teal shorts. A very dapper homosexual gentleman pulled me aside and said, "You look fabulous!" Best compliment ever!

sunglasses - thrift from A Gal Named Cinda Lou
shorts - Forever 21
You can't see them but I'm also wearing my favorite sandals.

My family took my mom on a surprise pre-birthday road trip to Maysville, KY, hometown of Rosemary Clooney. While there were no George sightings, we did spend time with this laconic local...

earrings - thrift
dress - Kohl's
My sister is wearing a foxy frock she picked up from Pangaea.

My fantastic mentor Mary decided to retire this summer and held a costume party to celebrate. I went as Clara Bow. I'm not really sure what the rest of the posse are doing in this photo...

scarf - thrift
gown - vintage from Chicken Lays an Egg
t-strap heels - Reba from Dillard's

A case of the vapors!

gown - a wooden cutout in Bardstown, KY

Lincoln Homestead
This was taken during another dorky Kentucky road trip, this time to the Lincoln Homestead in Springfield.

dress - thrift
shoes - So from Kohl's, I think

I have a group of raucous friends that forced me to spend a weekend on a houseboat with them. This stylish gentleman is wearing a vintage, hand-sewn leather vest that my aunt had given me. It was so perfect for him, I had to pass it along.

hat - thrift
sunglasses - vintage Liz Claiborne from Chicken Lays an Egg
top - Anthropologie
jeans - Seven for All Mankind
sandals - my sister gave them to me!

Yes, these teal shorts again. What of it?

dress - thrift from Atomic Number 10
earrings - a gift!
shorts - Forever 21
sandals - Target

Splash 04-13-11
...And sometimes, I dress up as a giant fish mascot for work. You look fabu, Splash!

If you're hungry for more of my absurd ramblings, you can always check out the guest posts I've been writing for the Fashionoclast.


~Hurricane B~ said...

Lovely. I need a pair of teal shorts now. No matter it is Nov. =)

Becky Haltermon said...

Hahah! They are amazingly versatile so I'm sure you'll find a way to wear them through the winter!