Monday, June 15, 2009

The Wizard of Oz and Pseudonyms

As you can see, Friday's outfit made it through the marathon:
Rabbit Hash camp out 2
This was taken after I slept in my clothes in a tent on the Ohio River.

Cincinnati Pride Parade Outfit
Sunday, I walked with many members of my family in Cincinnati's Gay Pride Parade. We were with Caracole, a group that provides housing for those with HIV/AIDS and the theme was "There's no place like a home." Hence, all the Dorothys. That's my sister to the left of me and my mom is in the back towards the right. Mom made all three of our costumes without a pattern. She's a genius.

A coworker called me "Legs" at work again today. If I were in an 80's metal band, I think my pseudonym would be Leggs Stiletto.

06-15 shoes

top - It's ancient.
skirt - It was on sale at Kohl's for $8. It's by Elle.
shoes - Target


Candycane said...

I love your Dorothy outfits! :D

Aldo can't believe you are stood on the radiator in your heels :O

Rosie Unknown said...

Love the dorothy costume!

Also, damn, those are some fine legs! Nice shoes too :)

Sorry, I felt the need to talk like a cowboy for a moment.

Jess said...

OMG you guys looked so cute- a herd of Dorothys!

That's a foxy skirt- I too am impressed you scaled anything, let alone a radiator, in those heels!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I really like how you try to get such different poses with your outfits. Now this radiator one in heels is crazy. What were you holding on too? Lol Legs Stilleto is a great name.

Becky said...

I'll give my mom your kind comments about the Dorothy dresses ... I was so happy and impressed that she just whipped them up for us.

Hahah, I took my life in my hands for that radiator picture! As I clung to the top of the window pane, I was so sure that my camera would catch my plummet to Earth. But hey, my legs looked alright!

In Bug's Drawers said...

I am in love with your style - you are so cute!!! Come by my blog and maybe follow also - yes, yes? :)