Monday, July 12, 2010

Window Model Citizen

More time warp! Not to worry!

This was my big day as a window model at A Gal Named Cinda Lou in Uptown Westerville, Ohio. I basically spent a couple of hours perturbing kids and scaring the crap out older ladies. I wasn't trying to trick people - I never stood still - but people were just not expecting a real life person in the window. I laughed the entire time.

We chose something like ten outfits and this was the first. At the end of the night, I donned a vintage black bathing suit (that the store-owning Bennati family subsequently gave to me!) and an elderly man, seeing me in the window, came in and said, "Well, that's almost embarassing." More laughter.

This was during Uptown Westerville's Fouth Friday event and around 5,000 people strolled through town.

You can see the wonderful Julia Bennati in this picture, co-owner of A Gal Named Cinda Lou and all-around awesome person.

Mrs. Bennati stood outside of the shop and overheard two middle shool-aged boys talking.
Boy 1: She winked at me!
Boy 2: Pff. She HAS to.

Everything is from A Gal Named Cinda Lou except the shoes, which are vintage.

I would also like to note that just before I did this, I'd gone to Phia Salon in the Short North neighborhood. Annah cut and styled my hair and I have to say, I'm in love with her.
Me: I want a big, huge lion's mane.
Annah: I love big hair!

She specializes in curly coifs so if you're looking for a lady who knows her stuff, I totally recommend her. Tell her Becky sent ya.

Many many thanks to Tim Nicholson for these photos! I'm still hoping to find a few more pics in different outfits so stay tuned!

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