Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Circus

For Father's Day, I met up with my family in northern Kentucky and we all went to Lexington to visit my dad's dad. Here is my sister Laurie and our Momma all geared up to go.

I made Laurie go out to Mom's lovely tri-colored hydrangea bush for some fashion photos.

It started off pretty well...

... But then I just had to push her over. Muah hah hah!

Me: Look pensive, dammit!

denim tunic - Tulle
earrings - vintage
leggings - Free People
flats - Kohl's

I don't know about Laurie's outfit or else I'd tell ya.

I sure know how to add class to a family outing...
(And no, I didn't even eat the poor sea creature. I'm a vegetarian.)


~Hurricane B~ said...

LMAO...oh I would def eat that yummmy lobster. But only after I knew where it came from, how it was killed etc. I tried the whole veggie thing after seeing this horrible video. I did not eat meat for 3 months. I was miserable, so then I came into the mindset. Grow my own veggies, keep up on the way I recycle, cloth bags, only buy products that come in things I can recycle..and biggest hurdle of all. KNowing where my meat comes from and thanking them in way. That helped me. One day I will have my own farm, hopefully, that way I know the animals live happy, healhly and then anyways, i will stop. not sure why started talking about this.LMAO

Love the picture of you are your sister.=) The last one that is.

Becky said...

I truly regret taking so long to reply to this. I absolutely agree - I think it's more important to know where your meat comes from than to totally abstain from creature-eating because it supports the farmers who are raising animals in a sustainable way. That said, I'm still pretty strictly vegetarian though I do sometime buy fish from an enviromental fish monger at our local market.

Also, let me say that I think it's awesome that listened to your body when it told you that meatlessness is not for you. High five!