Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Have and Have Not

I went through a phase several years ago of trolling thrift stores for beautiful pillowcases, buying them for $0.60, and then making them into skirts while watching a movie. It is seriously the easiest and most rewarding sewing project ever especially if you are, like me, sewing machine impaired. I do all my stitching by hand.

09-19 skirt
So I used to have a drawer full of these skirts but have pared my collection down to just two. This is one that made the cut. If you're interested, I can write out the steps I took making these little linen project. There are approximately 928 million pillowcase skirt tutorials on the web, too.

09-19 side

09-19 necklace

09-19 cat

necklace - Night Owl Crafts
top - Forever 21
skirt - thrift/handmade
shoes - Old Navy

09-20 1 09-20 2
I saw Sleuth with my family at Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park this day. It was a dark, mysterious plot so I tried to dress accordingly.

09-20 detail

09-20 cat

dress - vintage/thrift
leggings - lamixx
shoes - The Mustard Seed Boutique

I'm an environmental pin-up.

09-21 detail
"You know how to recycle, don't you, readers? You just put your cans together and blow."

dress - vintage/thrift
bracelet - vintage/thrift
belt - thrift
shoes - Simple


Courtnee said...

I love the pillowcase skirt!
I also saw Sleuth this weekend(saturday night) at Playhouse. I loved it.

Candycane said...

I love the black dress, and the red dress is simply gorgeous!!!

Great poses too!!

Paige said...

Youre so cute! That black dress is amazing! How are the prices at the mustard seed? I haven't been yet but am thinking of checking it out this wednesday.

Oranges And Apples said...

so clever with the pillowcase skirt and love the cat picture!

Clare said...

Gorgeous lace dress!

Grignoter said...

Cool! Do you shape the pillow cases at all, or just run some elastic through one end? It looks kinda fitted at the top...?

Becky said...

Courtnee - It was totally good! I thought the actors were awesome.

Candy - Thanks indeed!

Paige - This is too late to be timely but as you may have already found out, I find the Mustard Seed a tad pricy. That's probably because I've been spoiled by thrift stores. I still love browsing there aimlessly and it's definitely on my list if I need to find a specific outfit like a dress to wear to a wedding or an interview outfit.

Oranges - Aw, shucks.

Clare - Thank you! I saw it in my closet and was like, "Why don't I wear this every day?"

Grig - I just use a drawstring. I open the sewed end of the pillowcase, fold the hem over to make a little tunnel and then run a ribbon through it. Then I usually cut a slit in one side of the bottom hem to allow for some movement.

Bug said...

Love the pillowcase idea! You are doing such a favor to the environment, I really look up to you. I love the red dress at the very end of your post! Have a great weekend hun!



Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, I love both dresses! I would be very interested in a how to for those pillow case skirts!

Londyn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black dress and leggings. So adorable on you, and a little bit mysterious with the black on black ;)

Kaydee said...

I love the black vintage dress with those tights! Very classy!