Monday, September 28, 2009

From 70s to 80s in Three Weeks

I was haunted by Madonna last week. I was fully dressed and at work before I suddenly felt Like a Virgin.

09-24 shoes

dress - Target
leggings - TJ Maxx
shoes - The Gap Outlet in Hebron, KY ... Man, I love that place.

A few weeks ago, I went to Freddie Mercury's birthday party with the most awesome ladies EVER.

These photos were taken by the most excellent Erica Esham.

My neon polyester flying squirrel disco dress got a lot of comments and they were even mostly positive! It used to be a floor-length gown but I shortened it within an inch of it's life... Some would say it is almost too short now.

01-10 mended
This was taken right after I altered it ... I don't think I could ever wear it without leggings underneath... Too dangerous.

disco squirrel dress - thrift/altered
leggings - Lamixx
flats - Target

Check out what I wore to Freddie's birthday party last year.


Rosie Unknown said...

I adore the first outfit!!

Paige said...

um, theres a gap outlet in hebron?! How do you know about so many things I dont!?

ha,youre the cutest for sure.
Plus it looks like you have amazing friends as well!

Midwest Darling

Becky said...

Rosie - Thanks!

Paige - DUDE. You must go to the Gap Outlet. It will change your life! It's at 2050 Global Way, Hebron, KY‎ and it can be a little harrowing (read: packed with stressed-out bargain hunters) but it's well worth it.

daer0n said...

That dress is sooo cute, and i love your shoes,they are gorgeous!

Kashaya said...

Love both of the dresses!=)