Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Blog is Always Greener...

This green shirt is far more awesome than this photo - and my bizarre posing - can do justice. It's from Old Navy and has a lovely cut and it was cheap and soft and so ... green.

Once a strict adherent to a t-shirt only wardrobe, I find I seldom don the quintessential American basic anymore. In fact, I had so many old mouldering (not really) t-shirts holed up in drawers that I decided to make a t-shirt quilt out of them. You just can't toss our your formative years' worth of wearables, you know.

Anyway, that's what makes this t-shirt so special. I wear it even though I hardly wear t-shirts.

09-17 detail
I realize I've worn this necklace several days in a row. Hush.

09-17 sunglasses

09-17 fall
My poor camera fell off a fence post. A lady with two small children in tow offered to snap a photo for me and I was too embarrassed to let her. I love this blog but sometimes taking pictures of myself feels so freaking silly.

lime green top - Old Navy
minty green tank - Michael Stars
necklace - vintage
jeans - Old Navy
sandals - They're my mom's. From Xhilaration.


J said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile but I don't think I've posted yet. I picked up one of those tshirts from Old Navy too and fell in love with it. I ended up going back and getting 4 others. It's so hard to find a good tshirt!

Rosie Unknown said...

Pretty! I know how you feel, I used to live in jeans, and I still have way more than I wear! That may change some winter, but I don't think it will, I have become too much of a skirt junkie.

Organic Meatbag said...

Your green shirt was so awesome that it made your camera collapse in fear! Cool...

Becky said...

J - Me, too! But the green is my favorite.

Rosie - Skirts are so awesome. I did a Summer of Skirts one year and wore nothing but skirts and dresses just to see if I could.

Meatbag - My camera is a wuss!