Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lizard Lovins

02-2602-26 detail
These are shoes my mom bought for me at Dillard's last night. They were having some ridiculous sale and these $80 heels ended up costing $14. Thanks, Mom.

02-26 headband

02-26 shoes
As you can see, my dinosaur buddy, Leonard, got a little confused by the snakeskin print on my heels.

headband - JoAnn Fabrics
button-up - thrift
belt - thrift
flowery top under the button-up - Free People
jeans - Old Navy
shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction
Leonard's bow tie - Steak 'N Shake


Kyla said...

Those shoes make my heart flutter a little. Love them!

Cat said...

I hope you carried your dinosaur friend with you all day. He's too cute to leave behind. Plus, he must have been pining for those awesome red pumps.

Becky said...

Thank you, Kyla! I was so pleased when my mom presented them to me.

Cat - I think Leonard is the accessory of the season! He has trouble finding shoes that accomodate his huge, gnarled feet ...

Londyn said...

Yes, fabulous shoes!