Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Artfully Hirsute Gams

02-2502-25 torso
This is my favorite skirt in the whole world. I'm wearing it today in celebration of the 50+ degree forcast. Ring in spring in your favorite skirt!

02-25 shoes

02-25 quilt skirt
This picture looks like the flag from a country I would definitely want to inhabit.

02-25 sittin
I like how my leg hair is set in stark relief. Spring also means shaving ... I guess.

cropped jacket - Hot Topic, if you can believe it ... I bought it some years ago and changed the buttons on it to make it quite prim.
black top - Express from TJ Maxx
skirt - the Carroll County flea market in Carrollton, Kentucky some seven years ago or so
shoes - Madden Girl from TJ Maxx


V said...

I love this outfit together...the girly skirt and the tough boots/shoes.

Becky said...

Many thanks! I tried to balance out the homespun with the hard-edged.