Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sleeping in, stepping out

01-26 I called in sick to work on Monday and wore this, one of the most comfortable outfits on record. It served me well as I slept in, ate a late lunch, did some writing, and watched Mean Girls. Ahh.

01-26 detail
This is that top from Supermaggie I bought a while back. So soft!

Things of Thrift: the ring, the blue top was secondhand from Rag-O-Rama in Columbus, and the necklace is made from vintage Mardi Gras beads

01-2701-27 detail 2
I had to scrap my original outfit for today due to the incessant snowing that occurred overnight. My high-waisted secondhand skirt will just have to wait for warmer climes.

01-27 detail 1
Today's necklace is another beauty from my buddy at Night Owl Crafts.

Things of Thrift: the bodysuit, belt, boots and boot scarf

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