Sunday, February 1, 2009

about a week's worth of wear...

09-2809-28 detail
I was snowed in for two days this week so I spent all of Wednesday morning developing this fashionable ensemble and then gearing up for going outdoors.
09-28 coat09-28 hat
This is quite possibly the best hat ever. It defended my ears fearlessly.
01-28 snowman
On the way to the cafe, I ran into this super stylish individual. I really think broccoli hair will the hot trend for spring.

Things of Thrift: black elastic belt, boots, boot scarf, coat

Another day spent avoiding snow.
01-29 detail
Calling all cozy sweaters...
01-29 earring
These earrings are another pair of fair creations from Mel and Night Owl Crafts.

Things of Thrift: the boots and the boot scarf

Just another day lounging around the apartment.

...Heheh. My amazing friend Shanon Yoho asked me to take part in one of her photographic fantasies and she did me up this way. It was insane!

01-3101-31 detail
Saturday, I was pretty worn out after walking around town barefoot and covered in pink body paint so I went with comfy clothes. Comfy clothes and a giant feather earring. Like you do.

02-0102-01 back
Today I helped out with my aunt's art show. I know this is pretty much a rehash of the outfit I wore on inauguration day but I got a very different reaction with the different accessories. Curious!
02-01 detail

Things of Thrift: the shoes! They're Miu Miu and I got them at a Goodwill for $3!


Londyn said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVE this outfit. You look gorgeous!

WendyB said...

That snowman made my day!

Scott said...

Those leggings look hott :P

Becky said...

I'm happy to hear it! Thank you!

Yay! She made my day, too.

Thank you, sir.