Sunday, January 25, 2009

cold weather, warm colors

01-2401-24 detail
My Aunt Murielene seemed to think that this outfit was too weird.  Was it the basesball socks over the ripped jeans?  Maybe the vintage halter over the long-sleeved top?  Perhaps the cowboy boots?  It was just another day at the closet for me...

Things of Thrift: the halter top, baseball socks, and cowboy boots


Dear Pointy Shoes,
I know that I have a rich history of mocking your absurd proportions and impractical application but today, I humbly ask for your forgiveness.  Don't allow the past decade of belittlement hinder our bright, sharp future.
Yours in podiatric discomfort,

These were my mother's earrings and they might just be that rare piece of perfect jewelry.

Things of Thrift: that big, orange slip

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Sarah said...

Those earrings ARE the rare perfect jewelry. I am loving the egyptian-ness of them.

Remember how you commented on having the same Old Navy top I had? Well, I swear I have that same red slip you're wearing :) I think we might be fashion separated-at-birth (only you got the better closet!).

And I love the top outfit... seriously! It's fun and sexy and has a ton of personality while still being Rawr! (Okay, that's not an adjective, but you know what I mean). Thanks to you I am now scouring every thrift store in the greater KC area searching for awesome weathered cowboy boots like yours.

Great style as always, my dear!