Thursday, July 26, 2018

Frump Up the Pump

I was reading Like a Mother, absorbed in scholarly pondering about the metamorphosis that motherhood imparts, and the author quoted a woman as saying that she just didn't feel like herself because she couldn't wear dresses while breastfeeding.


I completely agree that feeling like "myself" is a tall order these days, given physical changes, emotional eddys, and revolutionized roles. But I'm telling you now: there's no way on God's green Earth that I'm giving up dresses just because I'm giving out milk.

So I offer: What I Wear While Breastfeeding and/or Pumping

Button-Down Dresses

In the hazy days after Era arrived, I lived in loose button-down gowns. Even if I spent 90% of a given day unbuttoned and curled up with my newborn, the routine of getting dressed felt comforting and empowering.

Alfani from the clearance rack at Macy's

This was (is?) my favorite postpartum frock. It's roomy! It has pockets! It's easily laundered! To top it off, its style speaks to me in way that reminds me of life before I was concerned about cleaning someone else's body fluids from my togs.

Donning this dress five days into motherhood

Button-down dresses were the best, especially as I explored the world with my little on while on maternity leave. Need to feed the babe in a friend's office at an environmental education center? No problemo.

A seven-week-old, a snake, and a sweet little button-down dress... Hi Veronica and King Henry!

Wrap Dresses

I was excited to return to work but struggled to find attire that would be appropriate in a board meeting while not impeding my need to pump twice a day.

Just a little Venn diagram I concocted

Enter: the wrap dress

Flattering, sassy and with easy access to the ol' bosom, wrap dresses are a godsend for working mamas.

I got this number for a song at Loft

Plus, wearing a wrap dress is fabulous because it feels like stomping into the office in your jammies. I defy you to find something more comfortably functional for lactating professionals.

Another clearance Macy's find

Skirt Separates

Here's the deal. I love dresses because they're so easy. It's just one thing! Pull it on and go! But sometimes, between the spit up stains and the blow-out blots, there aren't any good options. That is when I search out some suitable separates.

Top from Anthropologie last fall, skirt from Whole Foods

Hah-hah! Don't tell me I can't wriggle into a turtleneck while breastfeeding! MAMA DOES WHAT SHE WANTS.

Era at seven months, a vintage skirt and a top that I've had for eons

So, there you have it. A pantless approach to lactation fashion.

With everything moms sacrifice in the process of become a parent, I simply won't surrender my sense of style - or sense of self.

It's a tough path to navigate, but I've got a pretty cute co-pilot by my side.

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