Saturday, July 20, 2013

30 in 30 by 30: The Opera

This is the eleventh in my 30 in 30 by 30 series, wherein I undertake 30 adventures in 30 days before I turn 30 years old on Aug. 6.

Thursday, I saw my very first opera!

A very nice man with a British accent took this picture for us.

Steve and I hit Music Hall for Aida.

It was beautiful, opulent and featured live horses on stage. So awesome.

Not only that, but it was an excuse to get gussied up and be fancy. I love those.

Aida at the Cincinnati Opera in Music Hall
Steve has a new smartphone. This is first selfie!

And, I want to say how refreshing it was to see people with totally standard body types - though impressive pipes - acting out a love story onstage. With over-the-top costumes, soaring scores and incredible staging, a little bit of imperfect figure really made my night.

Who wants to see Carmen next June?

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