Monday, September 15, 2014

Outhouse Outtakes

Saturday, I learned that I am terrible at racing outhouses.


outhouse handout

Josh Flowers and I went to the Great Outhouse Blowout in Gravel Switch, Kentucky to watch as local folks and visitors from all over raced their custom-designed outhouses.

(People keep asking me where Gravel Switch is. Having been there, all I can say is that I still don't know.)

Which latrine reigns supreme?

Josh and I coerced my super sassy little sister Laurie and her man Alex into helping us make a little movie about small town festivals and speeding privies. They aided as we interviewed people about the finer points of making a racing pooper.

That's me in the denim mini and Josh, getting the runs.

...And then they documented our attempt at actually racing an outhouse!

One of the teams needed a couple hands to help travel their toilet, so Josh and I (of course) accepted. Dressed for the occasion, as always, I was just barely able to keep up as my little skirt and heavy boots went flying.

You guys. pushing a poop house at top speed is much harder than you think.

Alex is the second guy from the camera. You can see is boot sticking out there on the left.

Alex stepped in at the last minute and... Well, you'll have to watch the video to see if he fared any better than Josh and I.

potty mouth

Regardless of whether we won the outhouse race, we did talk to a million awesome people. Ms. Jeanne Lane, the event organizer, was especially lovely. She was the epitome of Kentucky to me: funny, smart and friendly.

The Penn house penthouse

Jeanne runs Penn's Store, which is "the oldest country store in America being run continuously by the same family," and the Outhouse Blowout is their annual fundraiser in support of this historic spot.

Many thanks to Jeanne and our reluctant crew, Laurie and Alex!

crew cut

If you think these outhouses are interesting in photographs, just wait 'till you see them in action. Stay tuned for the video!


Alex M said...

I can't wait to see the video!!!

Becky Haltermon said...

I KNOW. Josh was selecting some pretty stellar music today...