Monday, June 16, 2014

Stanton Deliver

You know who Harry Dean Stanton is, right?

Good, 'cause Josh Flowers and I are making a new video about the Harry Dean Stanton Festival!

He made this face all the way down to Lexington.

Lexington local Lucy Jones organized the festival to honor the prolific actor who has been in approx. 928 movies, from Alien to Pretty in Pink. (Alright, I made that number up. But he does have something like 200 acting credits.)

Lucy Jone: Awesome and funny!

HDS is a central Kentucky native and everyone we met was proud to honor a native son. We had a lovely weekend gallivanting around town, interviewing fest attenders and even spending some time in same tiny, crowded bar as Harry Dean Stanton himself.

Michele Phillips and HDS, costars in Dillinger and cohosts of a Q&A at the festival

Our fantastic (and selfie-skilled) camera operator Donny Black was a great help. Mostly because I'm pretty useless with a video camera.


We can't wait to share the fest with y'all!

Stay tuned!

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