Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aesthetic Absconder: Suffragettes

So, what's this new employment I've been using as my excuse for sparse updates, you ask? I'm now working at the League of Women Voters!

This historic organization (we're almost 100 years old!) has its roots in the women's suffrage movement and I've been rather inspired by our founding mothers.

Check out these brilliant beauties...
Sophia Loebinger
Sophia Loebinger; Check out this 1909 article about her speech

Ready, Wilson and able

ca 1918
A thousand high fives to Susan B. Anthony

Alice Paul
Alice Paul is also awesome.

1917 White House
banner banter bandwagon


In 1917, Massachusetts Representative Joseph Walsh contented that he'd never yield to "the nagging of iron-jawed angels" who were "bewildered, deluded creatures with short skirts and short hair."

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a group of ladies I'd like to emulate.

So, let's all dress like suffragettes!

Suffragette Style
Fluffy blouse, Free People // High-waisted skirt, Asos // Bandana scarf, H&M // Cloche hat, Anthropologie // Heeled ankle boots, Frye

Is this perfectly Photoshopped or what? Heehee.

ANYWAY. Take yer fluffy blouse, tuck it into a pleated midi skirt, top with a hat and end with some super awesome ankle booties. Finish with a purple and gold (the suffragette colors) sash and you're ready to march on Washington.

Or, wear it to the Bunbury Music Festival and turn all the heads in town because you're not wedged into shorty shorts and a flower crown.

After all, it's your vote to make.

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