Saturday, January 25, 2014

Travels with Quincy: Denver and Fenders

Quincy and I hit Denver Wednesday night, and we met some cool characters.

#Ratfink and #RCrumb, just two fascinating folks we found in #Denver. #roadtrip
outside of Mutiny Café

...And then we saw all of these characters at Mile High Comics.

a block of comic books

We stayed with my awesome friend Jonathan, who showed us a night on the town that we enjoyed so much, I totally neglected to take any further pictures of Denver.

You're welcome?

We went north from Denver, so that we could see...

henge man.


That's right, it's Stonehenge completely recreated with cars.

You guys. I have wanted to visit this spot in Nebraska since I was in college and my awesome best friend and I found it listed in an atlas.


We were racing against the sunset across Wyoming so that we wouldn't hit the 'henge in the dark. It was a little crazy zooming down rural highways as the sun set across beautiful buttes, but we made it just in time to enjoy a windy twilight.

henge hog


I can pretty much die happy.

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