Monday, January 20, 2014

Travels with Quincy: All My Vexes Live in Texas

Since we last spoke, I have traversed the entire state of Texas!

Which is huge! And kind of desolate. And I feel like I've achieved something momentous but people probably crisscross the Lonestar State every day.


We left New Orleans on Wednesday and, after a bite of dinner in Lafayette, hit Houston to visit Quincy's brother Corey.

Me and my Sophie McGee

And Corey's dog. Adorable.

We stayed in town just one day, but we did hang around long enough to break the rules at Carlos' Beer Garden...

Absolutely no profanity! #Texas #roadtrip #latergram
ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY, you bluegrass rednecks!

We'd visited Houston a couple months ago, so we were ready to explore some new turf. Friday, we pointed my tiny car towards Austin.

Toy Joy ahoy!

I love this city and I hadn't been since 2007, when I was but a child.

We played in a toy store and drank massive milkshakes: the things I might have enjoyed when I actually was a child. Hm.

I definitely bought that pink tiara, BTW.

Awesome noms in Austin w/ @_Quincy_. #Texas #roadtrip #milkshake
Dinner at Big Top Candy Shop

To save time and dollas, we decided that, instead of spending the night in Austin, we would just drive across Texas all night and most of the next day.

We slept in the car at a truck stop, surrounded by other road-weary people doing the same. It was surreal but not unpleasant, and probably not the last time we'll do it.

Most of Saturday looked like this:

West Texas: Sunny, sandy and eerily empty. #Texas #roadtrip
West Texas: party central

Fortunately, we survived the drive with minimal "desert delirium."

Coming up: Cool caverns!


Josh Flowers said...

But, how were the milkshakes? That is what everyone really wants to know!

Becky Haltermon said...

AMAZING. But look at the joy on our faces... It should be evident!