Monday, November 18, 2013

Put the Pedal to the Floral

Who wore it best:

What Not to Wear - Christine
If you're having clothes problems...

Christine, from Season 9 of What Not to Wear, or...

...I feel bad for you, hun.


You may notice that Christine is wearing her floral atrocity before she got her makeover. If my friends want to interpret this as a cry for help, I will gladly blow through $5,000 with the guidance of Stacy and Clinton. Though, they'd need to invest in a dump truck to throw everything in my current closet away.

Maybe it helps that, after I plucked this '90s frumpy gem from a Texas Goodwill, I cut it into a tunic.


I've got 1990s problems, and this dress is one.

Hit me.


'90s maroon floral print tunic - thift via Goodwill
lace headband - Street Scene
skinny jeans - Guess? via TJ Maxx
suede tan booties - Easy Spirit

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