Thursday, October 24, 2013

Low Sodium

Sunday, my totes adorbs leetle seester Laurie and I went to the Salt Festival at Big Bone Lick State Park.

Salt Festival 2013_01
Lewis and Clark ain't got nothing on us.

We took no pictures of the festival itself, instead, choosing to scope out the fest wares and then frolic about the park.

I realize now that this entire post is kind of misleading. So you thought you were going to see pictures of people in historical costume, culling salt from the earth in a manner befitting a frontiersman?

Too bad. Here are picture of one of my favorite people and me playing in a field.

Salt Festival 2013_02
bone up on your history

Salt Festival 2013_06
lunatic fringe

Salt Festival 2013_13
sororal snuggles

round, brown and gold wire-frame sunglasses - Payless
tan wool poncho - Coldwater Creek
light blue cotton '60s dress - yard sale
brown suede '70s heeled boots - Casablanca Vintage

1 comment:

Laurie H said...

you're one of my favorite people, too! thanks for a fantastic salt festival day! :D

(also, thank you for not posting any of the terrible, chin-tastic pictures.)