Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Steam Pump It Up

Saturday, Quincy and I explored the Greater Cincinnati Water Works River Station.

arch nemesis

Near California, Ohio, I've passed this castle-like utility while tootling along the Ohio River and wondered what it could be.

The fortress-style facade should have been a clue: Of course the organization that constructed the Elsinore Arch had built this stronghold.

Even cooler than discovering who built it, we found that it housed the four largest water-pumping steam engines ever built.

...That's cool, right?

pump panorama

And! Cincinnati Triple Stream offers free tours!

Wire not?

These here are Cincinnati's (on the left) and Northern Kentucky's water intake buildings, as viewed from the River Station's southern side.

An 85-foot fall

I don't remember what these are. But they're rad!

A cast iron center cylinder 

I'll let you make your own joke.

pump it up

For a two-hour adventure on a Saturday morn, this freebie was fantastic. Lee and Larry, our exceptionally knowledgeable tour guides, knew more about water treatment and historic machinery than I ever realized could be contained in a cranium.

They even let us creep away and take nerdy pictures! ...My favorite part, of course.

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