Monday, September 2, 2013

Explosions Afloat

Yesterday, I partook of the WEBN fireworks with some pretty spectacular people.

O hai, Ohio River

I will admit that I've got a big ol' bucket of meh for most fireworks shows. I hate fighting for space or camping in the heat to stake out a spot and while I enjoy getting to know the occasional stranger, I'm not incredibly friendly when I'm feeling impatient and parboiled under the late summer sun.

But when Natalie invited us out on her boat to spectate the pyrotechnics, I was totally onboard. (Pun intended!)

Fabulous fireworks from the deck of an awesome yacht? Yes, please.

Schooner or later

Plus, Natalie apparently had no qualms about foisting me upon her family, and I enjoyed an evening of lovely conversation with new friends.

handsome deck hands

And then this happened:


...And I saw fireworks!

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