Monday, June 24, 2013

Sleep, Art and Beer

sleep of faith

Last week, as I was enjoying a well-deserved catnap after work, Quincy torpedoed my torpidity with, "Wake up! Our friend is going to pick us up for an event at the Contemporary Art Center in 20 minutes!"

I didn't know what we were doing or why, but I wasn't really conscious enough to articulate these questions. I fumbled around for duds that would work for whatever artsy event we might be undertaking: simple minidress and badass boots.

A little lipstick and a scarf for bedhead and I almost looked semi-revived.

lover's sleep

The event turned out to be the ArtWorks power2give Launch Party, and I'm very glad I went. It's a cool crowd-sourcing concept for arts organizations and deserves much love (also, money).

ArtWorks power2give
Courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer

Even better than being arts patrons, we stopped by Arnold's afterwards and pretended to be beer snobs. Yum.


green linen minidress - MNG by Mango via JC Penney
colorful printed bandana - Rabbit Hash General Store
vintage '70s silver bracelet with jade stone - Strut Resale Boutique
'70s maroon Dingo square-toe boots - vintage


Teri said...

OK Becky, this is the first I've seen of this...perfect. I will be tracking your explanation of pumping of the frumping cause it's a mystery to me. I am now a faithful follower. Ever consider taking us unfashionable rabbit hashers for a fashion field trip? As long as there is drink to help Callie and me both through the hyperventilation that occurs when entering a clothing store.

Becky Haltermon said...

Teri! Yay! I'm glad you checked out this modest little blog!

Of course, I'm always up for a shopping field trip of any kind, especially if there are drinks involved.

Be warned, though: I suck at giving advice. I don't know what is "right." I just enjoy playing with the panoply of personal expression. Maybe that's the definition of pumping up the frump?