Monday, April 29, 2013

Complementary Angel


I helped out with a field trip today and experienced the utter joy of having a bashful fourth grade girl peek up at me and whisper, "You're pretty."

I should retire. Life does not get any better.




A word on this nail polish: I went to a gallery show Friday and found that my friend was wearing the exact same shade and her friend was sporting a color suspiciously similar. As a rabid consumer of paw enamel, I'm not used to experiencing such beauty synchronicity but I think it's safe to make it official: This orangey coral-red is the color of summer.

By the way, check out the Covington Artisans Enterprise Center for a very cool gallery show focused on local innovators. It features that handsome ol' Quincy fella that sometimes appears in this here blog.



art deco -ish necklace - Avon
vintage '70s red peasant blouse - thrift
vintage '80s (maybe?) tan suede pencil skirt - thrift
tan leather wooden wedges - Mia via the Butler Outlet Mall in Carrollton, KY
orangey-coral-red nail polish - OPI

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