Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wiz Kid


I went to a book launch party for a very talented friend last Saturday. (Check out the book trailer... It's awesome.) As I peeked in privy to take a piss, I saw this lovely diffused light reflecting off of simple architecture and thought, "Whoa, great place to take blog pics!"

So I did. And then my friends had to call my phone because I spent 45 minutes in the bathroom at a party.

Sometimes, I'm amazed I have any friends at all.




green pocket t-shirt - Old Navy
'90s light wash denim pencil skirt - thrift via Goodwill
brown worn cowboy boots - thrift
turquoise and brown boot scarf - thrift
turquoise and multicolored ring - vintage, from some little shop in Columbus
turquoise earrings - the gift shop at the Dayton Institute of Art
vintage '70s beaded Indian bracelet - yard sale

Dial M for Murder at the Wexner Center

Later, I saw Dial M for Murder in 3D at the Wexner Center in Columbus. My buddy Josh Flowers graciously snapped this photo... Maybe because he didn't want me to disappear into the bathroom again?

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