Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Better Than a Hippopotamus

Santa at the Garden Theater in Columbus, Ohio
L to R: Callie Clare, me, Santa Claus, Emily May Anderson, LeeAnna Shepherd, Abby Lay

Abby Lay: Callie, do you have something you want to ask from Santa?
Callie Clare: (flustered) Oh! Uh... I... Oh!
Abby Lay: Take you're time. It's a big deal. It's Santa.

I met the man himself recently with a few of my favorite ladies, as pictured above. Though I was too busy asking him for romantic revenge on behalf of my awesome best friend, there are a few fashion-y things I wouldn't mind finding beneath my fir.

Side note: "Beneath my fir" is possibly the creepiest way I could have phrased that. But I'm not changing it. We're all adults here, Santa.

Edit: Mom just said, "No, it'd be even creepier if you'd said, 'Beneath my balsam.'" Well played, Mom.

A Frumpy Wish List

Leather Leggings

I know wanting these makes me a bad vegetarian and possibly puts me in danger of being mistaken for a ZZ Top video extra. I don't care. They are hot.

Alice + OliviaLeather Leggings
Leather Leggings
Gunne Sax Anything Gunne Sax

I am in love with these '70s prairie dresses. They are opulent and ridiculous and ruffle-y. All words that I hope will be included in my epitaph.

(image source)

Alright, you know my favorite body suit is damn near threadbare by now, so I'd love to stock up on these. They're mostly cotton, have a three-quarter sleeve, and provide extra boobie coverage. Not that I really need that...

Natalie 3/4 Sleeve Leotard

What do you think? Is this the wish list of a crazy person? Say yes!

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