Monday, December 3, 2012

Aesthetic Absconder: The Secret Garden

As no one seemed to hate my post about biting the style of my mom's embroidery book, I'm going to continue writing about the prodigious miscellany that informs my style. I'd love your feedback on this foray, friends!

And now, The Secret Garden!

Untitled-12 copy

This adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic children's novel debuted in 1993. Though I was 10 years old at the time, the same age as the protagonist, I was too busy wearing stirrup pants and Hypercolor t-shirts to truly appreciate the fantastically frumpy fashions.

That has changed: No more shall the pinafore be ignored!

vintage/thrift denim dress, flannel top, cowboy boots, and boot scarf; I got the knit beret at the Richood Flea Market

Mary Lennox has a killer closet. Velvet hair ribbons, hats, and jumper dresses add sweet touches to a surly little strumpet and can do the same for you!

Untitled-5 copy

That's me, in my flea market hat. Don't hate.

Here are myriad movie stills. I vote shoulder squirrel for best winter accessory!

Untitled-11 copy

Untitled-14 copy

Untitled-16 copy

Untitled-15 copy

I suggest you subject your boyfriend to this film tonight!


Frederik Sisa said...

And the feedback is...I love it. Another fine and fabulous fashion foray.

That beret looks like a snood. You would totally rock a snood. (

And really, as a punsmith, could you resist a garment with such a charming name?

Becky Haltermon said...

Too true! I was thinking about snoods because we watched White Christmas over the weekend and it features a funny snood reference. Perhaps I need one. I can see the post titles now... The Snood, the Bad and the Ugly... For a Snood Time, Call... Snood Ornament...