Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pin-Up, Go Out

Holy moly, I'm a calendar girl!

Copyright Jeanine Mullen Steele

Okay, so I share the title of Miss December with Dixie, the World's Most Laid-Back Chihuahua. Whatever. I'll take it.

The incomparable Emily of NVISION has engineered a pin-up/high-style calendar featuring fabulous fashions from her store and the brilliant photography of Jeanine Mullen Steele. I totally encourage you and everyone you know to check it out.

The prints are on display Emily's shop as part of FOTOFOCUS and the gallery opening party was Friday. I knew I had to look fabulous so, of course, I wore something from NVISION...

off the chartreuse 

all-purpose flower

strike a posey

thank you very mulch

mini to win it

hair bow wow


coral hair bow - Laurie got it for me from Francesca's Collections. Aw.
earrings - Callie got them for me in Mexico. Aw, again!
dress - NVISION
flats - DV by Dolce Vita via HauteLook


Londyn said...

Becky - you look AMAZING!! So love your blog. You are a natural pin-up girl in all the best ways :)

Kevin Morris said...

The photos are fantastic, but I definitely read for the puns!
-Kevin M.

Frederik Sisa said...

Oh noes! Another compliment from! It's getting old, right?


I do think you should be nominated the world's most charming pun-up girl. Congrats on the photo shoot. The photos are awesome indeed, Miss December.

Becky Haltermon said...

Thank you so, gentlemen!

Just to be clear, the top photo was the official one taken by talented professionals... The other photos, of my green gallery opening dress, were taken by me in Mom and Dad's back yard!