Friday, March 30, 2012

You Move Me

Wild thing

Me: How much do you want for this dress, Jen?
Jen, czar of the House of Curious Treasures: Um. $8?
Me: Are you sure? It's designer.
Jen: Oh. You're a dear for pointing that out. Thank you! Uh, how much is it worth?
Me: Oh man. I have no idea.
Jen: Well. What would you pay for it?
Me: Uhhh. $20?
Jen: Okay, works for me! But make sure that you tell everyone in blog-land about the awesome deal you got on a designer dress in my shop!

These shoes make my feet sting

Artsy shots make everything... groovy.

Wild thing, I think I love you.

But I want to know for sure. 

So come on, and look crazy... I love you.

dress - vintage from House of Curious Treasures
shoes - Nine West
earrings - Coldwater Creek